Here are just a few projects we've been an integral part of

IOC Concentrator Expansion Project

T.T.R. supplied & operated SPMT Trailers for the movement of several large conveyor systems which had to be transported at times in excess of 5 km. These conveyor systems were self loaded with the SPMT’s and the orientation in the confined spaces was critical for installation. T.T.R. also supplied and operated the jack n slide system for the installation of the five large electrical motors used to run the several km long conveyor system.

Pantera Rig #3

Total Transport and Rigging was hired to load out the Pantera Rig#3 – inclusive of all cranes, rigging and transport – from Ontario to Alberta. This was done utilizing in excess of 20 truckloads of various dimensions and utilizing multi-axle equipment. We had two cranes on site loading and three riggers.

Terrex RH170 Shovel

Total Transport and Rigging was hired to receive cargo from vessel, load and lash cargo to rail and truck, and unlash and receive the rail shipment in Alberta. We also off loaded rail cars to truck for furtherance to Edson, Alberta. Total Transport prepared all truck load plans and documentation. For this job, we relied on various flatbeds and multi-axle equipment.


Total Transport and Rigging was responsible for providing all crane and rigging services and all transportation from lay down to various ports. We also inspected all cargo loads and developed saddles and rigging to transport via rail. We developed packaging procedure for LM 40.3 m blades and packaged these blades for transport.

Saskatchewan Strator and Motor Rail Transport

We loaded the attached motor and stator to rail, secured them, shrink wrapped them and railed them to SasKatchewan. Upon arrival we off-loaded the rail cars (inclusive of cranes) and moved to their final site. Note: The Stator was 18’8 high on trailer and weighed 60,000 kgs. Total Transport handled all clearance files, rigging, etc.

Acconia – 30 Wind Turbines

Total Transport and Rigging was responsible for receiving and shuttling 30 complete wind turbines at Port of Belledune to their place of rest for Acciona.