M&J Total Transport and Rigging

The leader in providing heavy equipment transportation logistics

M&J Total Transport and Rigging  is a leader in providing heavy equipment transportation logistics –  specializing in project and over-dimensional cargo. We offer rail solutions; including all rigging, cranes, and transport requirements. We also offer rigging solutions, consulting, packaging and project management services. We are leaders at wind transportation and management.

lashed-downWe are able to  successfully move heavy and awkward items, such as wind turbines and blades, transformers, oil field equipment, boilers, rail cars and excavators. In fact, we’ve recently added a new 400 Ton “LD” Jack and Slide System to our list of equipment. This skidding system provides a cost-effective, safe, simple and reliable method for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads… transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels, machines, and more.

We work with industry experts like Mills Heavy Hauling and Fahrenholz Industrie to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Whether the transport is a long haul or a short distance, we understand the placement of cargo in confined spaces requires precision and accuracy, sometimes to meet millimetre tolerances. You can rely on our fleet of SPMT, hydraulic gantry lifting systems and our skidding systems to move the various items into final positions. The technical skill of our employees in combination with the most sophisticated equipment enables us to offer a full service package to our clients in all areas of Industrial Projects.

The correct mixture of innovation and long term investments enables TTR, and its partners Mills Heavy Hauling and Fahrenholz to offer all clients the best technical and commercial solution for any variety of projects. We have learned to adjust our product and services to the specific needs of our clients. The economical importance is our initiative to mobility in all areas of our service, as well as our success in operating internationally. Our mobility is actively support by our international alliance partners.

We would be pleased to provide a technical quotation for your specific project. We want you to trust in our efficiency and our adaptation to your specific requirement and look forward to having an opportunity to serve you in the near future. Contact us today!