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TTR adds new state of the art technical equipment for all your specialized and heavy transportation requirements

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SPMT Trailers

With our SPMT Trailers we can set up any configuration necessary to move your specialized cargo. We have a lot of auxiliary equipment such as adapters so the we can operate the SPMT and conventional trailers as one.

Conventional trailers

iThe conventional trailers are extremely low. These trailers can be operated with flatbeds, vessel beds, and turn tables. In the fleet we operate turntables each with a capacity of 200,000 kgs, which are also suitable for the SPMT trailers as well as the Scheuerle and Goldhofer conventional trailers. The turntables are extremely low by a height of only 240 mm

Lifting & Skidding Systems

For various installation projects we can supply general equipment such as hydraulic jacks and pack cylinders. For other specialized projects we can supply hydraulic lifting and skidding systems as well as all necessary auxiliary equipment.